The Skinny on The HCG Drops

Have you already heard about the name of HCG diet or read any HCG Drops Review in online . This diet is now hot and trendy in the news , its on TV, over the internet & books which are being written all about it.

A cure for fat loss, obesity or weight loss in 1954 by Dr. Simeons using this solution HCG -a low calorie diet program . HCG triggers our body metabolism to attack the unwanted abnormal fat that your body has stored deep into the hidden pockets of your body. This causes the whole abnormal fat to be mobilized & burned-up by our body quickly at the rate of 1 -2 pounds/day without exercise.

What is HCG?

It stands for 'Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin'. For people that are serious about losing weight but lack the time and the energy to workout, HCG is a solution. Appetite suppressants such as HCG drops can help to control the amount of food that the stomach demands by tricking the body into thinking that it is full. Additionally, eating smaller low calorie meals will allow the body to gain a healthy amount of calories, but also create a deficit that will have to be filled by the stored mobile fat that has collected on the hips, thighs, belly, and under arms. Through the continued use of HCG drops people are gaining the weight loss goals that they want without altering their lifestyle.

Weight Loss Supplements That Burn Mobile Fat

HCG is an appetite suppressant that helps the body to lose or burn off the excess mobile fat that is stored on the problem areas of the body, without affecting the structural fat that surrounds and protects the muscles and organs. Developed from horse hormones the HCG drops can be administered at regular intervals during the day by placing a drop of HCG under the tongue.

Traditionally, HCG injections were given to people that were looking to lose weight and burn excess fat, but this method of treatment which is still widely used today, can be painful as the injections are administered on a daily basis throughout the weight loss treatment. By taking a series of HCG drops under the tongue throughout the day, the same results can be achieved, but without the pain and at a fraction of the cost of the injection therapy treatments.

Different. research and HCG Drops Reviews revealed they are three types of body fat:

- Structural Fat - this protects the body internal organs and provides cushioning.

- Normal fat - available in the body for fuel.

- Abnormal fat - this is locked away & forgotten.

How does it works for you ?

When combined with a low calorie diet, the HCG hormone treatments go along way to communicate between the stomach and the thyroid to control the appetite and regulate the amount of food that the stomach requires. By eating a recommended low calorie diet in conjunction with starting on an HCG regimen, people are finding that they do not have to accept the traditional weight gain that accompanies the body through ageing.

Even with a slower metabolism the HCG drops allow the user to lose the excess mobile fat around the problem areas without changing the pace or the energy that the body has become used to using throughout the day.

Order HCG Drops Today !

HCG information gathered through the results of people that have undergone either the painful daily injection process or the minimal taste associated with the sublingual (under the tongue) treatments of HCG have gained similar results that are between 20 to 30 pounds of weight loss through the shedding of mobile fat tissue within a period of approximately 30 to 40 days.

As the extra weight comes off many people are reporting that they have an increase in energy as a natural result of altering their habits and eating less food. With the increase in energy some people are beginning to exercise regularly and maintain a fit and healthy body after completing their HCG weight loss drop treatment.

What are the advantages and features of HCG?
- You can lose 1-2 pounds/day without exercise.
- You can lose up by it upto 34 pounds in just 43 days.
- Can be repeated to lose your body fat as much as you want to reduce
- Resets metabolism to keep your weight off permanently.
- Reduce of eliminate the dependency on other medications.
- Virtually it is 100% effective.
- Completely safe - 5 decades of success.
- Never diet again - you have found the diet cure.

When you are deciding on a HCG diet program the key decision is what form are you going to take the hormone in. Is it going to be a sub lingual drop in which case it will be a little more expensive and you take it twice a day.

Some people have a problem remembering to do it again. It is however more convenient for the people who fear needles and pain from poking themselves. Having said that let us talk about the syringe used in the injections.

It is as small as it gets. It is a 31 gauge needle which is used in Botox injections and insulin injections. It is very small it is the thickness of a human hair. It goes in very painlessly right into the tissue around the belly button.

You can do the injection yourself at home so it is very painless. This is done once a day is probably cheaper than the drops.